Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In memory of Kerwin Mc Donald- A Lost Love...

I wrote this a year ago to express such heartfelt emotions and wish to share it with you again as a 1 year anniversary of remembering a young soul, Gone too soon, never forgotten...

An untimely disappearance in the winds
My heart knew….
The pain I felt when he left, within my stomach
Unconscious to what was wrong
Until I heard… a nightmare of a displaced vision
A whisper that drew a doubtful blank
I had no emotion; no thought
Lost in the truth that unfolded
Holding my breath; losing my mind; a point of disbelief
Then without a sign, 
A tear shed; a feeling of numbness grew closer
My face reddened by the thought of no return
Trembling hands, shaken lips
Seeing just a world of despair and hopelessness
My heart deepened with sorrow and forced rage.
No goodbye… just words of, “I’m busy, will talk to you later,” exactly!
Left a hole in the place where was ripped from my body
Like the time we shared an unborn being for a moment…
How do I go on without true love….and just love?
A prayer; a tear; a word of hurtful expression
I still remain in a place where I am trapped
As I wait for his unattained arrival….my dreams are alive!
Not knowing how to get out
As he was always there to set me free.
Now gone, to show me I can do….
Do the best on my own and keep strong
He would live within my body, mind and soul
A best friend; a ’husband; a listening ear….
A love now lost, but not forgotten
My heart holds the memory of an angel departed.
                                                          - Janeel Archer-Royer


  1. I really was touched by this poem Janeel! Keep up the good work...

  2. This is really good i do like it alot so please do keep postin more!!!!!!!!!
    love always Shanne