Monday, May 13, 2013

A Yearn for …

My heart open and closes
Suicidal thoughts bereave me, consume me, enrage me
Tears trapped behind the cowers of darkness
No heed to an unspoken word
Dying inside… my heart; my soul; my mind
Demons lurking
Unfolding the swindles of regret
Upon a being untrue; yet true
Hoping the suffocated lost would be unveiled
Without a misfit thought; unwanted energy
My eyes thumping in the battlefield
No lash dry, but soaked in a fiery blaze
Deepening the pain; shattered misery
No air I can breathe
A struggle uplifts my rhythm
Body lifeless beneath the perils
As the winds stifle any refuge
Needing the arms of warmth
Placed upon my chest; engulfed
Slowly a weary silence
Only the weakening suppressed
Reaching out; calming waters
While still, tornados spin to the heavens
Just; unjust
Comfort… aching screams of desperation
My heart opens and closes.

                                             by Janeel Archer-Royer

To Mothers

Happy Mother's Day!