Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Creative Workshop 2 2011

Contact Info: (868) 702-5183
speakpoeticexpressions@gmail.com / janquildesigns@gmail.com

10-13 & 14-16 years (younger or older are allowed) 

Contact Hours: 24 (may vary)

Workshop includes:
  • a t-shirt
  • bag
  • notebook
  • stationery
  • field trip(s) (transport cost separate)

My Little Angel

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In loving memory of Jonathan James- No True Goodbyes...See You Later...

You never got to see your nephew come into this world, but I know you'll look out for him from the Heavens above...R.I.P. Jono...

You sat on my bed to tell me goodbye,
I'll see you later on; someday
Knowing the fortitude of my distance,
I watched puzzled....
In a faint dream I wasn't sure if it were you
I froze...as you realised the raising of my skin,
You became someone familiar,
So fear wouldn't be upon me
I smiled, but with a worrisome aspiration of some sort
You were near...
I love you precious angel
You always looked out for me
You were a big brother; not so old
You spread your joy and love
Silly moments and crazy times
Never stopped loving...
Wishing my last 'goodbye' to you was closer...
Though there's reason
I will miss you...
Never leaving those sweet memories untold
With a heavy heart and a tearless cry
I say to you no true goodbyes...see you later.

                                   - Janeel Archer-Royer

Monday, May 2, 2011

Certificate Time!

Bocas Lit Fest

A Saturday afternoon of poetry

Okay so I was told that one of the pics was deleted; the best one with Muhammad Muwakil and Gillian Moor...boo hoo, but we still have these group pics we took on the day. Check them out!

Surrounded by the ladies...

Say Cheese!

Okay one more...

We celebrate Birthdays too...

Happy Birthday Dani!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Aripo Heights Outing!

My Creative Workshop students, friends and me
(Course: March-April 2011)

Check out more photos by clicking on the link below.
What an incredibly fun experience!


Silly days & other things in class...

Fun love...

"What's the plan?"

Just some craziness they get into

Having fun being the birthday girl!

Reading a great story

Trying to understand what's it all about

Thinking deeply...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Registration: $500 (early bird 10% discount before March 25, 2011)
                       $250 (previous workshop students)

Workshop includes:






Transportation (separate cost)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In memory of Kerwin Mc Donald- A Lost Love...

I wrote this a year ago to express such heartfelt emotions and wish to share it with you again as a 1 year anniversary of remembering a young soul, Gone too soon, never forgotten...

An untimely disappearance in the winds
My heart knew….
The pain I felt when he left, within my stomach
Unconscious to what was wrong
Until I heard… a nightmare of a displaced vision
A whisper that drew a doubtful blank
I had no emotion; no thought
Lost in the truth that unfolded
Holding my breath; losing my mind; a point of disbelief
Then without a sign, 
A tear shed; a feeling of numbness grew closer
My face reddened by the thought of no return
Trembling hands, shaken lips
Seeing just a world of despair and hopelessness
My heart deepened with sorrow and forced rage.
No goodbye… just words of, “I’m busy, will talk to you later,” exactly!
Left a hole in the place where was ripped from my body
Like the time we shared an unborn being for a moment…
How do I go on without true love….and just love?
A prayer; a tear; a word of hurtful expression
I still remain in a place where I am trapped
As I wait for his unattained arrival….my dreams are alive!
Not knowing how to get out
As he was always there to set me free.
Now gone, to show me I can do….
Do the best on my own and keep strong
He would live within my body, mind and soul
A best friend; a ’husband; a listening ear….
A love now lost, but not forgotten
My heart holds the memory of an angel departed.
                                                          - Janeel Archer-Royer

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There's something creeping in the air,
You cannot see it nor can you hear…
It fills your heart with joy and sorrow,
You may not even feel it until tomorrow…
Now can you handle it; or will you fall?
Just letting you know,
Love is hard and it takes your all…

                                        -Yejide Castillo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Tribute to Sir Ellis Clarke- "A Man of Inner Strength"

No spirit of adventure
In doubtful words,
But faith and hope and joy;
A proven power of love
For his country and everything else…
Of misguided and deranged;
Of head strong and justified…
Determined to do what’s best
And that was done indeed,
With dancing feet…
A solid structure to fall back on;
A commanding role,
Within a leveled voice of reasoning,
Tolerance obtained
And words of emotionless tranquility, 
Showed no fear or tension
With struggles and hardships;
Accomplishments and achieved goals,
A devoted family being;
The first for a twin island; 
Strength held high
Till the last breath…

                    by Janeel Archer-Royer

Monday, January 3, 2011

SPEAK! poetic expressions Creative Workshop 2011

Registration: $500
Early Bird Special: $450
Family with 2 or more$415