Monday, May 13, 2013

A Yearn for …

My heart open and closes
Suicidal thoughts bereave me, consume me, enrage me
Tears trapped behind the cowers of darkness
No heed to an unspoken word
Dying inside… my heart; my soul; my mind
Demons lurking
Unfolding the swindles of regret
Upon a being untrue; yet true
Hoping the suffocated lost would be unveiled
Without a misfit thought; unwanted energy
My eyes thumping in the battlefield
No lash dry, but soaked in a fiery blaze
Deepening the pain; shattered misery
No air I can breathe
A struggle uplifts my rhythm
Body lifeless beneath the perils
As the winds stifle any refuge
Needing the arms of warmth
Placed upon my chest; engulfed
Slowly a weary silence
Only the weakening suppressed
Reaching out; calming waters
While still, tornados spin to the heavens
Just; unjust
Comfort… aching screams of desperation
My heart opens and closes.

                                             by Janeel Archer-Royer

To Mothers

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Poetry Day

It's World Poetry Day! Send us your poems. Maybe you can win something!
A poem I wrote for my cousin almost two years ago. His birthday would have been today, March 21, 2013. May he rest in cousin Jonathan James.
You sat on my bed to tell me goodbye,
I'll see you later on; someday
Knowing the fortitude of my distance,
I watched puzzled....
In a faint dream I wasn't sure if it were you
I you realised the raising of my skin,
You became someone familiar,
So fear wouldn't be upon me
I smiled, but with a worrisome aspiration of some sort
You were near...
I love you precious angel
You always looked out for me
You were a big brother; not so old
You spread your joy and love
Silly moments and crazy times
Never stopped loving...
Wishing my last 'goodbye' to you was closer...
Though there's reason
I will miss you...
Never leaving those sweet memories untold
With a heavy heart and a tearless cry
I say to you no true goodbyes...see you later.

                                   - Janeel Archer-Royer

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aripo Heights-Outing

We enjoy our outings...

A little update...

Hi all...

I know, I know...
So we haven't done much in a while. That does not mean we stopped caring. Join us for all the updates on the facebook group and page for more details and insights... or Unfortunately, we won't be hosting a creative workshop during March/April and November/December due to personal reasons, but look out for the July/August session. No worries, though, we still have other activities coming up so like our page, join our group and stay tuned...

We are going to have a blast!